Draft Bob Barr for President

I have started an online petition urging former Congressman Bob Barr to run for President on the Libertarian line, or at least to accept nomination if drafted at the Libertarian National Convention in May.

Bob Barr, in my opinion, represents our best hope for continuing the Ron Paul Revolution on a national level. There are several outstanding Ron Paul Republicans (and Libertarians) running for Congress and Senate, which is fantastic, but nothing captures the public’s or the media’s attention like a presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul has made it clear “there will be no 3rd party run,” and it’s equally clear that he will not receive the Republican Party’s nomination. As for the currently declared candidates for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, I respect and like several of them as nice people and good Libertarians, but I’d be lying if I said I could get excited about any of them as the nominee.

Bob Barr could generate that excitement. He appeals to both Libertarians (his current party) and Republicans (his former party). He’s huge on civil liberties and privacy, very strong on guns — heck, he’s even gotten good on ending the drug war, which is nothing short of miraculous. As a bonus, he helped lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Who wouldn’t pay good money to see Barr and Hillary share a debate stage?

In fact, there is already a lot of buzz on the Internet about the idea of a Bob Barr presidential campaign. The Revolutionaries are ready. Now all we need to do is convince Bob Barr.

Here is a video of Bob Barr introducing Ron Paul last week at CPAC. Ask yourself if he isn’t the logical choice — the only choice — to take the baton from Dr. Paul. Then go and sign the petition.

Update: It was just pointed out to me that I misspelled PRESIDENT at the top of the petition. %$#@!!! I blame Al Gore, since he invented the Internet. Seriously, I just sent an email to PetitionOnline.com tech support to see if it’s possible to fix it or remove it and start over.

11 thoughts on “Draft Bob Barr for President”

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  2. dave - new jersey

    Please, for the love of God and Country, do not encourage this madness. McCain is not the ideal candidate but he can beat the really really bad alternatives on the Democratic side. There is no virtue in having our side go down in flames at the feet of either one of those REALLY bad potential presidents. So much damage can be done by a Democratic president right now. I am a long time conservative and am also upset that our side couldn’t come up with someone better than McCain, but I am not willing to jump off the cliff into the abyss of higher taxes, crushing new federal spending programs and capitulation to a bunch of assasins and car bombers the world over just to tell myself that at least I didn’t vote for the RINO McCain. Let’s just challenge him in 2008 in the primary for his re-election campaign. Besides, you need to do some more looking at Ron Paul and the Libertarians if you really think that they are the successors to the Conserrvative throne. Please don’t bail now. At least McCain will control spending, give us some respectable judges and beat the terrorists. I will not be coming back to this website to see any responses to this post.

  3. There is a consertive throne; there is also a liberal throne! The unfortunate reality is we have had a congress that has been sitting on those thrones for much too long. Our senators hoping to be president fail to realize that it is the responsible of congress to find the solutions for the problems facing our nation. The liberals suggest higher taxes, which will force our current employers out of the country and the conservates want to compromise rather than thinking on their own. McCain will control spending at it’s current status with inflation. We have learned nothing from history; the official title of the SS in Germany during WWII was “HOMELAND SECURITY”! By disagreeing with the government under guidelines set by homeland security, you are the terrorist. To gain control of the country, we must get a fair tax which will allow every product being sold in this country to support the free economy through taxes. It will support our government, while allowing the United States to once again become a producing country rather than a user nation. If we do not take the tools with which our politicians are selling us into slavery and giving us $300.00 tickets to ride that boat, the status quo of either party will have us into a third world status within the next 10 years. While I stand with McCane on the war issue, if we do not control our own borders and destony economically, the other issues will become mute much sooner than we would think. Would like to know the Barr stance on tax reform!

  4. I just heard that Bob Baar has announced his bid for President on the Libertarian Party. This has got me so upset because by doing this he will help hand the Presidency to Barrack and Michelle. I think with them in the White House and a Democratic congress this country will be in real trouble. I am really concerned about the Supreme court and other judicial appointments among other things. Please, please ask him and all Libertarian candidates to think about the outcome and of reconsider this Presidential bid. To me it is all about them and not about this country. No one from that party has any chance of winning.

  5. I am a conscience voter and a registered Independent. I cannot vote for either of the three candidates who somehow ended up as choices. I will support Bob Barr if he can make the case. We do need change, and it must come now. Congress is out of control with wasteful spending and they do nothing but pay lip service to the massive problems facing this country. We can’t continue to support Mexican citizens. The borders must be closed, drug trafficing stopped, and illegals sent home. We cannot continue to pay the price. Support for Mexican citizens is Mexico’s job, and Mexico is a rich nation. No more anchor babies! We have enough Welfare babies here already. Our Welfare roles have been over stressed to cover illegal aliens. Social Security is for U.S. citizens only. Only U.S. citizens should have a right to a U.S.drivers license and SS number. 80% of our ports are owned and operated by foreign entities. The new Texas Corridor is being built by a Spanish Company who will in turn operate it and collect the tolls. We are turning this country over to foreign companies. No other country on the face of the globe does this. We have lost most of our manufacturing base because of stupid laws and the avoidance of American labor and our small farmers are being forced out of business because of unachievable laws. GMO and suicide seeds are being sold now to farmers. Our food supply is tainted with growth hormones and other medicines and additives. Bill Gates is stocking seed in a vault in Scandanavia. For what? To control the world’s food supply some day? The government is trying to take over all water in this country, regardless of if it’s a puddle in your back yard. Eminent Domain is a joke and Congress refuses to protect property owners. We should have resolved the energy crisis and health care issues over 30 years ago and we need to start today with opening up Anwar and building refineries. We already have paid for and buit the Alaskan pipeline. We don’t need to spend one more day pointing fingers.
    The Commerce and Transportation Departments are operating as a self appointed government working outside of the Constitution under Executive Orders and has not been informing or answering to Congress, not that it would change anything because Congress is asleep at the switch about all of this and allowing it to happen. There are over 250 lobbyists per every single Congressman, and there are paybacks and favors being transferred between them. And, yes, it’s illegal, but there obviously is no functional Ethics Committee in Washington. Campaign finance reform is a joke! The dollar is at an all time low and the Amero has already been minted for the North American Union. I don’t know who approved that little ditty! The Commerce Department and President Bush has committed us to disbanning the U.S. Constitution….WITHOUT consent of Congress or the American citizens. The U.S. is bankrupt and no one seems to care. We just keep voting the same old do nothing people back into office and keep sliding down the path of no return. I think citizens must be blind not to see the demise of the U.S. coming at a such fast pace. The news media obviously hates America. It is seen in every other word. Yes, we need to bring troops home, but withdrawal has to be methodical. We can’t continue giving all of our treasury away, not only for Iraq, but for every time we hand billions of dollars to thugs and barbarians. We get nothing in return for the money we give away. We are the largest donors to other countries in the world. The U.N. is a crooked organization with no oversight. We borrow to spend which makes no sense at all and there is no plan from anyone to pay off the National Debt. Earmarks are political paybacks. Stealing from the taxpayers is what it is! Our farmers are being pushed out of business and the trade deficit is out of balance. Something is wrong when the three top automakers are Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Automakers don’t need 50 years to improve mpg, nor 20 more years. If we don’t have real change soon in Washington and in Congress, there will be a revolt in this country. If anyone thinks they are going to get free anything in the future, they better think twice about it. There isn’t money enough for more free stuff. Think about that when you go into the voting booth. I, personally, am going to vote out all encumbents on voting day. Those in Congress who have no clear understanding of the U.S. Constitution, and who do not abide by it, and have done nothing but blow hot air into the boob tube, need to be turned out of office. Term limits need to be applied at the voting booth.
    So, Mr. Barr, if you can make the case, you definitely will have my vote!

  6. we as conseratives need to put mor pressure on our canidates, we need to let them know we will not stand for their open border additude. we will not support them no matter what. I want McCain to let us know what he plan do do with the illegal ailens problem. I want to know what he is going to do about drilling for oil here in our country. and the waters around the united states. what is he going to do about the drugdealer crossing the border with loads at will. we have been betrayed by President Bush and the republican senate and congress.

  7. Response for Ronnie……
    Both the Senate and House of Representatives are currently controlled by the Democrats. A good way to keep up with Bills coming before Congress and how your elected official voted, go to congress.org and sign up for the free updates. Here you can see if your elected official is voting for or against your values and best interests.
    All three Presidential candidates stand for amnesty. McCain will sign the Kyoto Treaty which will hurt the U.S. in more ways than one. Neither of the three remaining Presidential candidates wants to build a border fence. The Chinese did it and it worked! The total cost for illegal aliens is $338.3 billion dollars per year and growing!

  8. It is an in-obtainable goal Bob. I have great respect for you and the libertarian soul. In a perfect world we would all be happier. My problem with your campaign is that you..YOU have put Yourself in a postion to bring more harm to the country than you must care to realize. It seems to me you are willing to have a system closer to socialism in this country. You will lose, John McCain will lose and the country as a whole will lose…..so you can feed your ego? No offense meant. I understand the need to do something…But you must be smart enough to know you are not going to win. I do not say stop fighting for what you believe. There is a time and place for battle though ….and a smart man should know better. If you are happier and feel America will be better off with Barak Obama as Commander-in-Chief then by all means continue your quest. If I was a socialist I would want you to run. You would give me an even better chance of winning the election and I would thank you profusely….if I was a democrat.I will not disagree that this republican presidency has made mistakes and distorted conservative values and put us in a precarious position. Today I heard the traitor Jane Fonda even blamed the 18 pregnancies at Gloucester High School on George Bush.Sorry sir….a choice between a viable ticket with McCain vs.the inner vengance of the Obamas…and you…leaves me no choice now. We will have our time. You know in your heart and political brain you will play the spoiler. You can be in denial after you elect Obama,,,,unless that is what you are really seeking….and I don’t know about that. Be well sir. I apologize for my lack of eloquence. Thank you.Yours truly, Robert W.

  9. Congressman Barr,

    I have some important information you requested a few months ago.Please forward your email address.
    Thank you.

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