As Rudy fades, what new evil lurks?

Remember back in September when Giuliani was the heir apparent to the neo-con throne?  According to an average of poll results at in 3 short months America’s Mayor has slipped from about 23% in the New Hampshire polls to about 9% dropping from 2nd to 4th place.    I guess he’s not New Hampshire’s mayor. Unfortunately,  he has been replaced by an even scarier proposition,  the free-speech-snuffing John McCain.

As illustrated in this famous video , John McCain thinks it’s OK to joke about bombing Iran, but as an author of  McCain-Feingold he feels that serious political speech must be regulated.   According to this story, when asked about criticism of his “bomb-bomb-Iran” joke, he suggested critics should “get a life”. 

Now of course we hear that the new National Intelligence Estimate indicates that Iran ended it’s effort to develop a nuclear weapon in 2003.   But we can’t hold Senator McCain accountable because he might not have read it.  He didnt bother to read the one on Iraq before he voted for that war either.  They don’t read the bills they pass.  Why read National Intelligence Estimates?  It will only cloud the decision making process with pesky old facts.

Is this the kind of judgement and due diligence we should expect from a Presidential candidate?  Well – unfortunately yes.  Particularly if you are talking about Republicans.   With the exception of Ron Paul,  they all cling to the same neo-con dogma that ruined the Bush regime (not to mention our civil liberties and our economy) and which will almost certainly hand the White House over to the socialists in November.

But New Hampshire voters might still surprise us by turning away from the big government neo-cons and their welfare-warfare state.

 Granite State Republicans and Independents – vote for Ron Paul.    

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