New Hampshire Road Trip

I just made a last-minute decision to head up to New Hampshire this weekend for a weekend of canvassing for Ron Paul. My wife, who would really like to go, is doing her part for the Revolution by being a good sport and staying home with our 3 young kids.

Some people may be disappointed with Ron Paul’s 10% in the Iowa caucus, but I think he did fantastic under the circumstances. Considering they’re dominated almost entirely by party hacks, it’s amazing Dr. Paul did as well as he did. Bill Clinton only got 3% in Iowa in 1992. I think Reagan did even worse in 1980. And best of all, Ron did twice as good as Rudy!

Ron’s real test will be New Hampshire, and if ever there were a time and a place for a libertarian upset, this is it! I’ll report back on Monday about the road trip.

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