NY Firefighters video exposes Giuliani’s 9/11 lies (again)

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), New York’s Firefighter’s union published a video this week that sums up one small part of the myth that Rudy Giuliani is a competent leader. You can see it here. In 13 minutes firefighters and family members present first hand,  a few facts about Giulaiani’s failure to provide effective radios 8 years after the first World Trade Center bombing and after repeated political maneuverings to hand a no-bid contract to friends of Giuliani’s administration.  Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg.  In The Grand Illusion, The Untold Stroy of Rudy Giulaini and 9/11,  authors Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins present the case in page after page of shocking detail.  In summary Giuliani allowed chaos, indecision and ego to reign supreme thoughout his administration awarding the radio contract to political supporters Motorola despite the fact everyone knew their radios were defective, despite the fact that at least one other bidder, Ericsson, was eager to bid and tried to do so.

Taxi drivers, hair-braiders, street vendors, rock’n’roll fans, pot smokers, the Port Authority all know that Giuliani repeatedly victimized those he thought couldn’t fight back in favor of image, politics and campaign contributions.

Unless you enjoy being easily fooled, the video and the book are “musts” for anyone considering pulling the Giuliani lever in the primaries or the general election. 


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