Governor No-Fun

Capitol Confidential is reporting that Governor Spitzer just vetoed a bill that would have allowed Segways on roads and sidewalks. The governor gave a bunch of lame reasons for keeping them illegal, most of which boil down to he’s only happy when he’s stopping other folks from enjoying themselves.

Serf City columnist Bob Armstrong was a long-time activist for legalization of the Segway’s downtown cousin, the motorboard. That is, until he finally got fed up with it all the nanny-state bullshit, moved west, and traded his scooter for a horse.

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  1. Out here it’s much more Harley’s than horses . Whole herds of them ride by on weekends . More common than elk .

    Darwin’s on duty since the NannySocialists ( NASIs ) have not yet managed to impose a helmet law .

    The hassle having wheels of my choice in NYC was definitely a factor in my deciding my quality of life was not worth the many meetings I’d only be able to experience thru webcasts . But what the hell , if I couldn’t ride up to an MLP ( or even Queens or Brooklyn ) meeting ( picking up cheese on 3rd Ave on the way if it’s MLP ) , and , eg , go share cigars and Brews and thoughts with Jim Bovard if he’s the speaker who drew me away from the screen , it just ain’t worth it .

    The folding scooter issue is a paradigm of the manner in which statism slows its people down . The State would countenance a dispensation for only Segway , but never for ordinary cheap and practical gas folding scooters you could get for under $500 on Canal Street by the time I left in ’05 . It would have to at least be eco-electric and thus far from giving you the freedom to wander the boroughs

    The Segway is a helicopter with analogous cost and performance characteristics compared to fixed wing aircraft and regular front-rear wheeled scooters . It is without question more dangerous , even tho much slower , than well designed folding scooters . No servos physically possible can make it as stable scraping a curb . There have been some hi-profile spills by some fawning politicians and other show-offs .

    This is a reason I am seriously looking for a freer country . Out here , I’m learning about life’s cycle with a “in your face every day and every night” concreteness impossible to experience in a central city , I would prefer the density of intellectual stimulation of a capital . But it would be meaningless without mobility . No poor country truly aiming to be 21st century competitive – which implies libertarian – would think of hobbling its urban dwellers from getting around so quickly and efficiently . I’m looking for one of those .

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