Keep Ron Paul in the GOP Debates

The truth hurts – and Ron Paul tells the truth.  In the last GOP Presidential debate Ron Paul simply stated what every CIA agent and anyone who has read beyond the tip of their nose already knew – that US interventionist foreign policy – not our wealth and freedom – is a major cause of anti-American sentiment and terrorism.

So of course, the welfare-war machine has to try to silence him.  People who should know better, like Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party immediately demanded Ron Paul be banned from further debates.  Apparently listening to both sides of the story is too much for poor old Saul to process.  But some of us actually like to hear both sides.

So now we have to make sure Ron Paul is included. 

According to Richard A.Viguerie of  you can sign the petition to Keep Ron In at

You can also send a message to the debate sponsors:  Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Joe McQuaid, Manchester Union Leader at and Jeff Bartlett, General Manager of WMUR-TV, Manchester, NH at  

Make sure they all know we want Ron Paul in the debates.

Here is a great video of Ron Paul and Bill Maher.

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