Terrorists Among Us

In a recent Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Times, Rosa Brooks points out that the man who could be considered “until 9/11 — perhaps the most successful terrorist in the Western Hemisphere,” is freely roaming among us. In fact, Luis Posada Carriles appeared in both the New York Times and the Miami Herald within the last ten years, openly admitting his crimes. He takes credit for being behind “a 1976 plot to blow up a civilian airliner, killing all 73 people on board, including teenage members of Cuba’s national fencing team. He’s admitted to pulling off a series of 1997 bombings aimed at tourist hotels and nightspots.”

Brooks points out that Carriles has been in close contact with the CIA, and in fact, trained with them in 1961.

If the Bush administration’s so-called “War on Terror” is really what they claim it to be, then why in hell are they detaining comparatively petty criminals or even innocents at Guantanamo Bay, while they conveniently ignore Carriles?

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  1. The training thing is interesting. Think about how many terrorists and assasins started their careers as CIA spooks-in-training.

    CIA alum have assasinated American Presidents, deposed democratically elected leaders of countless third world countries, brought down tall buildings with airplanes and fathered the worst President in American history.

    Your tax dollars at work.

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