PrideFest Canceled


Bummer. One of the great NYC summer traditions has been nixed by City Hall. The mayor’s office has inexplicably denied a permit to Heritage of Pride for PrideFest, the street fair component of the Gay Pride March. The idjits in the mayor’s office are calling it a “new event” (even though the event is actually 15 years old) simply because they changed locations from the Village to Chelsea and are therfore refusing to issue a permit.

The good news is the parade will go on.

3 thoughts on “PrideFest Canceled”

  1. Nathaniel Siegel

    PRIDEfest the free street fair was cancelled by the 14 members of Heritage of Pride who voted to cancel the event, when given the option and a permit from the city for PRIDEfest to happen in the West Village on June 24th the day of the 38th annual LGBT Pride Parade.
    Please be aware of that fact.
    The potholes have been filled in on Washington Street and Christopher Street as of today Wednesday May 16th 2007.

  2. All of the Potholes have not been filled…the streets are still a mess…I was on them today. I have lived in the West Village for years, and that event was always too crowded. And not for nonething, if someone got hurt, there would be no way for the cops or ambulance to help them quickly…I think it was a good idea to move it.

    Also, Heritage of Pride has like 50 members…where did you get your info Nathaniel?

  3. I found this announcement on HOP’s own site which cites the 14 votes cast for this decision. (I don’t know the specific makeup of the organization, btw).

    And to clarify (because a lot of my friends already are making this incorrect assumption), the festival/street fair is being cancelled, but not the parade. Either way it’s a logistical shame.

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