License to Strip


Watch out, exotic dancers! (Market research shows exotic dancers comprise a significant portion of Serf City readership.) At least one New York politician wants to make it harder for you to earn a living:

Democratic assemblyman and former comptroller candidate Felix Ortiz takes the threat of female nudity seriously and wants it formally addressed with a bill that he has introduced this week.

Specifically presented as a solution to the rampant destruction brought about by nude women gyrating to loud music is a “dance performer” permit and registry. If Ortiz’ bill passes muster, it would require that the Labor Department create such a registry and issue permits to exotic dancers, who would be required to provide their full legal names every three years in exchange for being granted the right to work in the adult industry.

Any performer who does not have a permit would face a $20 fine for a first offense and $50 for any further violations. Those dancers who do not have permits but are found to have been forced to perform would not be fined. Clubs that repeatedly hire “un-permitted” dancers would be forced to pay as much as $2,000 in fines.

It seems to me that if the assemblyman really wanted to help these ladies, he would (1) stop erecting obstacles to employment and (2) not create a database that would be rife for abuse by stalkers. It would also probably make it much harder to change industries and leave your college job at Scores off your resume, if any future employer doing a background check could access this database.

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