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I apologize to our regular readers (yes, I know you’re out there, I can see the site stats) for the dearth of blogging lately. I got thrown off my usual schedule three weeks ago when I got laid off by Citi, along with 17,000 of my colleagues. You would think losing my job would give me more time than ever to blog, but I decided to use the unexpected permanent vacation to escape the great rains and drive the family down to sunny Florida for a couple of weeks. Then when I got back this weekend, I found myself staring at a backlog of “unemployment activities” — filling out reams of severance paperwork, calling headhunters, emailing resumes, etc. I’ve also been playing Mr. Mom this week, helping out with the homeschooling and household chores. So far, staying at home is proving at least as hectic as going to work.

Anyway, I’m starting to get my new “schedule” under control, so expect the blogging to resume semi-normal levels soon.

And if you hear of anyone hiring marketing communications managers, preferably in the financial services industry, please drop me a line at jim (at)

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