World Bank and Bloomberg look to Mexico for Inspiration

I never imagined the Unites States would ever look to Tepoztlán, Mexico for economic and social advice, but yesterday proved differently. Mayor Bloomberg joined City Hall officials yesterday on a fact finding mission. Oportunidades is a social welfare program, celebrated by the World Bank as successfully aiding the poor and needy. In this Mexican town, women wait for three hours or more for their free money.

Now, suddenly, the World Bank cares?

With suspicion floating around of an agenda in the works for creating a North American Union, yesterday seems a bit suspect.

Regardless, New York is feeling inspired by this social program. According to the Times, “Under the New York plan, which is still being developed, poor families would be paid up to $5,000 a year to meet goals like attending parent-teacher conferences, getting regular medical checkups and holding down a full-time job. Participants would get their money through automatic deposits, not by attending a large gathering.”

Instead of building a healthy economy, I suppose the elites want us to depend on them to help out instead. Without getting into yet another economic and political analysis as to why social programs just do not work, let me say this. At no time in history have handouts ever come from completely innocent intentions from those in power who are providing them.

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