Obama’s Con Game: Budget Priorities Part 1

This one doesn’t come directly from President Obama (though many others have).  It comes from White House Senior Advisor, David Plouffe as reported this morning in Politico Playbook.  However, it’s consistent with the pattern of intellectual dishonesty exhibited by the President and his administration.  It’s what I call “Low Information Explanation” –  L.I.E for short. …

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Flash! Obama Might Be Kicked Off Georgia’s Ballot

On January 26, 2012, in an Atlanta, Georgia courtroom, Judge Michael Malihi presided over challenges to Obama’s placement on Georgia’s ballot to run as President. Obama, though subpoenaed, naturally did not attend the hearing, and neither did his lawyer. For a “blow by blow” account of the hearing, check it out here. . You could see …

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Keynesianism or Changeenism?

Keynesian economics is an obsolete system for anyone who cares to know, or anyone who doesn’t care to live through the inevitable inflation created by it’s truly failed policies of spurring economic activity through massive government spending, especially when it involves impossible deficits. If someone could please inform this to our president elect Mr. Obama, let alone Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and particularly Barney Frank who possibly referred to this ideology by coining the term “changeenism”, unless he meant to say Keynesianism, a few weeks back when informing a reporter that deficits are nothing to worry about.

Bob who?

It’s still a financially Herculean task to compete against the two major parties’ multi-million dollar campaigns to get their candidate into a job that pays only $400,000 per year. And one which they must resign from after 8 years anyway. Simple math doesn’t justify such an insanely expensive job campaign. But it makes sense when one adds up what the interest groups behind those campaign dollars have to gain.

Don’t look back in anger

“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” may become the Democrat’s battle cry for these last weeks before election, and quite possibly the worst strategic advice bandied about by political pundits. Yet it’s telling about the mindset of die-hard politicos who base their worldviews on personal sentiment rather than carefully thought out logic, particularly on economic issues. But more importantly, it may be the reason why McCain could cinch this election come November.