Speakers Welcome

The Manhattan Libertarian Party will be delighted to hear from speakers who can deliver a prepared talk of original content on a topical Libertarian-oriented subject, based on their special expertise, unusual personal experience or fresh perspective.

There should be a Libertarian angle to the topic, something that makes the talk relevant to our particular group, organized as a Libertarian party.  Besides our obvious interest in current politics, social issues are also within our scope of interest (government healthcare, tax policy, surveillance/privacy, immigration/refugees, restraints on the free exercise of individual freedoms of all flavors), and current economics as well. (This not a definitive list.)

Indeed, a broad spectrum of cogent ideas can be presented as “What Libertarians Should Think About X” or “The Libertarian Position on Y Is Wrong!” (The speaker should be prepared for pushback on that one, of course.)

A speaker with insight or entree into other countries could report on the state of liberty and Libertarian thinking there.

Nor are we without a sense of humor (well, most of us) . . . so a speaker with true comic talent might regale us with “The Lighter Side of Libertarian Thinking on . . ..”

We look, mainly, for the talk to be original, creative, substantive, and informative . . . entertaining enough to hold our attention . . . and provocative enough to give us something to think about on our way home . . . which does sound like a tall order, but we believe attainable by mortals.

The speaker should have a precis, outline, slides or a video “teaser” (and a relevant CV/resume) which can be posted to our members a week or so in advance, so all can become informed of the speaker’s thesis and development of it, in order to participate actively in a question-and-answer dialog. (Broadcasting a preview of an interesting, well-prepared, topic will help greatly to bring out a large audience.) The main talk should run about 20 minutes, to be followed by the Q&A.

We look forward to hearing from new friends with fresh ideas.

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