Ballot Access Petitioning

New York has very restrictive ballot access laws.  Every election cycle we must gather tens of thousands of signatures for offices such as Governor or President and several thousand for each Senate, US Congress or state level candidate.  This is one of the statists most effective ways to suppress the freedom movement.  We can’t let them win.

In a nutshell here are the steps:

  1. Download the correct petitions
  2. Between July 10 and August 15 (we need time to process and file the petitions) go to a busy place and ask everyone you see to sign the petition. Many people understand the process and are happy to sign.  But many need an explanation. See Petitioning 101 for examples of things to say and other tips.
  3. Fill in the witness section at the bottom of the petition
  4. Send them to your collection point each week.

Download petitions here:

Where to send completed petitions : Collection Points

Learn more about petitioning: Petitioning 101

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