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Remembering Andrew Martin


Libertarians of New York City will always remember Andrew Martin, a Libertarian who’s passion for Liberty and ideas burned greater at young age then many do in their entire lifetimes. It’s sad to know that he had to leave us…

The MLPs Very Own Alex Merced Running U.S. Senate

At the NYLP convention last month, Alex Merced, our co-media director was nominated to run for U.S. Senate from New York. Check out and support his campaign at

Libertarians on the Rise in the News

With Donald Trump the defacto Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton the Democrat . . . to the dismay of many, and perhaps a majority of each party . . . voters have been giving the Libertarian Party a close look,…

The Results of the 2016 Manhattan LP Convention

Hey Everyone, This week the MLP had its 2016 convention and elected several new officers to help take the party to new heights of the next year including… MLP Chair: Ron Litchman Media Relations: Alex Merced & Aaron Commey Event…