#Let Her Speak! Protest Pictures

On August 8, the Libertarian Party participated in a nationwide protest to demand the Commission on Presidential Debates allow Jo Jorgensen to debate. We planned our route to pass by the headquarters of major news networks. Since the networks do not report on Jo Jorgensen, she is left out of the polls which the CDP uses to determine who gets in.

We met at Fox News Channel. They’re actually the most friendly network to us. Kennedy even endorsed “Let Her Speak” on air.

Next we walked to Rockefeller Center, home of NBC. We got chased away by security since it is private property. We quickly took a photo and left.

At the Blackrock Building, headquarters of CBS. They don’t film anything here, but their Broadcast Center in Hell’s Kitchen was far off our route.

We went off-route to walk by the Trump Hotel. Initially I did not want to go near there since there’s usually tons of security around, but they scaled back since the last time I was there. We did not go to Trump Tower since it was far off our route.

Our last stop was in the Upper West Side, home of ABC. One protester dubbed it the “Authoritarian Broadcasting Company.” Security did not come out until we finished taking photos.

Thank you so much to everyone that attended. We will continue to spread the message about Jo Jorgensen between now and November. Want to help out? Sign up on our Volunteer page.

Manhattan Libertarian Party