Petitioning for 2020 Candidates


Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order decreasing the amount of required signatures to 30% of the threshold or 1.5% (whichever is less) and is ending the petitioning period early. We will stop collecting signatures on Tuesday, March 17, at 5 pm. If you have not signed already, please sign! We need to get as many Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot as possible.

Updated signature requirements:

Declared Candidate(s) DistrictNumber of active enrolled LibertariansNumber of signatures needed
Gil MidonnetCD-72584
Michael MadridCD-103686
Steven KollnCD-124837
Morry Davis AD-65942
Brendan Casey AD-67812

It’s time to get Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot for the June primary. The petitioning period is from February 25 to April 2.

Any enrolled Libertarian may run for office, as long as they collect the required signatures. No permission or endorsement from the Manhattan Libertarian Party is needed. We know of candidates for the House of Representatives in districts 7, 10, and 12, candidates for Assembly in districts 65 and 67, and three candidates for the Libertarian Party of New York state committee.

This is the first year the Libertarian Party candidates will be able to get on the ballot with very low signature requirements, due to us getting ballot access and becoming an official party in 2018.

Candidates will need at least 5% of the enrolled Libertarians in their district to sign a petition in order to get on the ballot. See below for a breakdown of how many signatures are required per district (numbers are rounded up).

Declared Candidate(s) DistrictNumber of active enrolled LibertariansNumber of signatures needed
Gil MidonnetCD-725813
Michael MadridCD-1036819
Steven KollnCD-1248325
Morry Davis AD-65945
Brendan Casey AD-67815

We need help contacting enrolled Libertarians. The board of elections gives us a list of enrolled Libertarians but only provides home addresses for the majority of people. If you want to sign, give us your contact information so we can arrange a time to come to you with the petition.

If you want to help us collect signatures, we will give you a list from the voter file. We have some phone numbers you can call to get in touch with enrolled Libertarians.

You can look up your congressional district here:

Manhattan Libertarian Party