Libertarians Assemble! (Or, A Call for Candidates)

Libertarian Candidates in New York City
Srsly. Do it.

With the recent groundswell of interest in the Libertarian Party across the country, many of you are probably wondering what the best way is to get involved. There are any number of ways you can start out. You can start going to your local party’s meetings. You can join national, state, and local parties. You can attend a happy hour of like-minded individuals. You can help gather petition signatures to get Libertarian candidates on the ballot. Or, you can jump in head first and run for office. Yes, you could be the one whose name is on top of the petition that you’re carrying around, instead of some other person. Thus, my call for Libertarian candidates in New York City.

Now, I know running for office isn’t on everyone’s radar, but it isn’t only about gaining a particular office. It’s about having a platform from which to share your ideas, and libertarian philosophy, with the masses. When it comes to political ideas, nothing will get you noticed faster than throwing your hat in the ring and running for office. So do it. It’s just that simple.

Actually, it’s not simple. Most of the reason it isn’t simple has to do with the election laws that the Republicans and Democrats have been working together to pass over the years. They are specifically built to keep out third party “interlopers” (like you!). We can’t even begin to dismantle this egregiously inequitable situation until we have more people in positions of power (like you!). But, no matter how many hurdles the people in power put in place, we will be here to help you and other Libertarian candidates in New York City navigate the convoluted system of ballot access.

If you still aren’t sure how to get started joining other Libertarian candidates in New York City, fighting for liberty in this amazing place, or if you know you want to see your name on the ballot, simply fill out the form below and I will gladly get back to you in a hurry. There’s no time to waste. Petitioning periods start in a month and a half. So contact me today!

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