Manhattan Libertarians at NYC Pride 2015

Despite the rainy start to the day, we gave Outright Libertarians‘ new “World’s Gayest Political Quiz” to over 250 people at the NYC LGBT Pride Festival.  When we ran out of those, we switched back to the standard “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” published by the Advocates for Self-Government.  As is usually the case at Pride events, the crowd split between the Left-Liberal and Libertarian quadrants, with a cluster of strong Libertarians due to the self-selection bias of who walks up to a Libertarian booth at a street fair.  As Outright Libertarians usually does in its Operation Politically Homeless booths, we used metal foil stars to indicate the quiz scores on the map, with Gold being Libertarian, Silver being Independent, Green being Green, Blue being Democrat, and Red being Republican.  While we had a run of Blue stars like usual at Pride, we used more Silver stars than ever.  Hear that, Libertarian candidates?  Independents are, politically, what they call “low-hanging fruit.”

A heartfelt thank-you to Alex, Richard, and Alton for volunteering at the booth.

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