Making the First Amendment Real

The Serf City Blog resides on WordPress and WordPress announced today that they are honoring the First Amendment with a new tag designed to link posts such as this one that are relevant to freedom of speech.  Of course blogs are one of the most relevant contributions of the new media to spreading the truth as any of us decide to see it, or nonsense and lies.  The big difference is that the establishment  has always had control of the mainstream media to spread their nonsense and lies  ( think New York Times and government schools). Now we have new channels that give us unfiltered information that we can process as we see fit. It’s up to us to evaluate that information and that’s just fine with me.

If we do evaluate that information we inevitably reach the conclusion that government is quite deliberately sucking the lifeblood from us. They don’t really care about destroying our futures and they don’t really care what we think about it.  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (my district) is a perfect example.  Based on her role in causing the economic meltdown she either knows nothing about economics or she knows economics and doesn’t care that her programs designed to buy the votes of her ultra-democrat constituency are destroying the country.  As I’ve written before, she refuses to meet us in town halls we sponsor and she refuses to take our questions in town halls she sponsors.  She trusts that she doesn’t have to because she and her partners in crime have rigged the system. Between gerrymandering, campaign finance laws, ballot access laws and the lap-dog press she is pretty comfortable that she can’t really be effectively challenged.

It’s not just Maloney, it’s all them. 

But this year appears to be different.  Incumbents are having a much harder time.  But in New York and in particular New York City the incumbents are deeply entrenched.  You can blog all you want and you can even change a lot of minds.  But what does that matter if in the voting booth your only choice is between the same Democrat and Republican statists who created the problems in the first place.  In NY there are  a few thrid parties on the ballot sometimes such as the Working Families and the Conservatives and that’s good.  But for the most part they are just more extreme factions of the other two.

Where is a choice that is truly different?  Any real expression of free speech requires a choice of candidates that are different.  In New York City we learned that parties with new and different ideas can win when we elected Dan Halloran to City Council. Halloran is a Republican who also ran on Conservative, Libertarian and Independence lines.  His third party votes made the difference in his victory.  Even if third-party candidates don’t win big vote counts will pull the major parties in our direction.

We CAN be heard – but first we need to be on the ballot.

Within this system the most important way your voice is heard is through ballot access petitions. It’s even more important than your vote because if your candidates aren’t on the ballot your vote is worthless. Many non incumbant candidates are required to submit a certain number of valid signatures but alternatives parties like the Libertarians are required to submit sometimes three of four times as many, for example 15,000 for Governor. Worse the major parties have their creepy lawyers waiting to challenge your signature, usually for minor  technicalities, thereby stripping you of your voice.

You can sit back and let the establishment bind and gag you. Most people do.

Or you can fight back.

Starting Tuesday July 6 you can sign a ballot access petition to put your choice of candidates on the ballot.

You can amplify your voice by gathering signatures.

And you can call your legislators and every media outlet you can think of and tell them that if your signature is challenged you want a complete investigation of why you are being disenfranchised and you want the judges removed and the lawyers disbarred.

You can sit back while the powers that be become  more and more corrupt  and less and responsive.  Or you can make your voice heard.  It’s up to you.

Make your voice heard now: Join our ballot access effort here.

3 thoughts on “Making the First Amendment Real”

  1. YES!

    Thank you for helping to get the word out.

    We have four Libertarian candidates on the ballot in Richmond County (Staten Island). If some of Serf City’s readers can come out and give us a hand gathering petitions, that would be a great help.

    And if you can’t make it out: find a local Libertarian (heck, any third party or independent candidate) and help them get on the ballot. If we don’t take our government back NOW (and finishing in 2012), it’s going to be a lot more painful to take it back later.

  2. Luckily it looks as if this year we might have a real fiscal conservative on the ballot in your district. Ryan Brumberg is running against Carolyn Maloney and is making unprecedented gains against the incumbent. He is not afraid to answer your questions and let voters hold him accountable. Read about him at and contact the campaign as well.

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