My Perfect Anti-Libertarian Comes Through Again

I have often said that if you want to know the libertarian position on any issue at all — from foreign policy to the drug war, from taxes to censorship, from the welfare state to gun control — just look at Joe Lieberman’s position. The libertarian position will be the exact opposite. Lieberman is genuinely impressive, in a perverse, stomach-churning way, in his absolutely unwavering authoritarianism.

I mean, even total douchebags like Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will occasionally stumble upon a pro-freedom position on some random issue, like the proverbial blind squirrel finding the acorn. But not my Joey! He is 100% committed to stamping out freedom in every facet of life.

I am reminded of the infallibility of Lieberman the Totalitarian by today’s news that Lieberman wants accused Times Square wannabe bomber Faisal Shahzad tried before a military tribunal rather than receive due process in a court of law. Undaunted by the fact that Shahzad is a U.S. citizen accused of committing a crime on U.S. soil, Lieberman proposes changing the law to automatically strip the citizenship of anyone accused of domestic terrorism.

Never mind the fact that an accusation is just that — the prosecution’s word against the defendant. In Lieberman’s Queen of Hearts world, it’s verdict first, trial later.

(And yes I understand that Shazad is supposedly freely admitting to his crime. Lieberman’s proposal would apply to other terrorism suspects, some of whom might actually be innocent. Does Richard Jewell ring a bell?)

Does he really not realize how flat-out insane it sounds to propose that the government be allowed to revoke someone’s citizenship just because the cops accused him of a crime? Or is he just that much of a raging asshole? As the kids at Fox News like to say, we report, you decide.

3 thoughts on “My Perfect Anti-Libertarian Comes Through Again”

  1. But Jim, you have to realize they hate us because we are free. They will do everything they can to take away our freedom, destroy our way of life, enslave us and destroy our economy. No – its not the terrorists I’m talking about – its the government.

    1. How true!

      If the terrorists did hate us because of our freedoms (I’m more inclined to believe they hate us for our interventionist foreign policies in their home countries since the 1950s), then they don’t need to engage in terrorist acts against us because our government is destroying our freedoms in ways the terrorists could possibly have never imagined.

  2. You’re right Jim! The government cannot strip anyone of his/her citizenship when one is still undergoing or will still go through prosecution. It could probably be alright for a suspect who is admitting the crime but not for those who are innocent. They are not suppposed to decide just because they feel like doing it.

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