Redlich Wins Libertarian Gov Nomination, Davis a No-Show

Warren Redlich decisively won the New York Libertarian Party nomination for Governor today at the NYLP convention in Albany.  Sam Sloan opposed Redlich for the nomination.   Redlich will also seek the Republican nomination.  

Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis who had considered seeking the Libertarian nomination did not show up.  Davis’s campaign strategist Roger Stone previously said that he wouldn’t advise Davis to stand for nomination in a race she wouldn’t win. 

Alden Link was nominated for Lieutenant Governor.  John Gaetani was nominated for Comptroller.  Carl Person was nominated for Attorney General.

John Clifton won the nomination to oppose Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  Randy Credico won the nomination to “Chuck Schumer”.  Credico will also seek a Democratic primary against Schumer.

Stay tuned for more on this later this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Redlich Wins Libertarian Gov Nomination, Davis a No-Show”

  1. How unfortunate that the Libertarian Party has once again nominated a Republican! I wish you people would make up your minds and either be Libertarian or be Republican. Make up your minds quick so that I can decide which other alternative party to join.

  2. Hi Chan – I hear ya. I wish we had some great candidates that could deliver a principled pure Libertarian message to a large enough audience. But Ron Paul show up at the NYS LP convention. Opps – he’s a Republican too. And he’s not my idea of a “perfect” libertarian but he has the best index of pure libertarian and impact of anyone I can think of at the moment. We really need to work harder on recruting better candidates.

    BUT – there is some good news in the cross-party approach from a strategic point of view. I know there are risks as well but we have to work wiht what we have. (BTW I voted for Warren in the nominations and I support him). Warren can get attention and press in the Republican race and hopefully bring that support to the LP line in November. It’s up to us to frame the NY LP’s platform as hard core Libertarian and it’s up to Warren to get it noticed.

    There are a lot of people who feel the way you do. Get involved and help us grow to where we don’t need cross-party strategies.

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