Help Defeat Bad Vaccine Bills in Albany Tomorrow

The Coalition for Informed Choice has issued an urgent action alert regarding a vote tomorrow on draconian vaccine legislation working its way through Albany.

S4779 and A6702 would permit all present and future vaccines and drugs for sexually transmitted diseases to be given to New York children without parental consent. The Senate codes committee is expected to vote on the bill on Tuesday.

If this legislation is enacted, parents would be replaced by school administrators and public health bureaucrats as the key decision-makers regarding their children’s health care.

If a child has a drug or vaccine reaction, the parents won’t know
what is happening or how to help. Anonymous vaccine administrators don’t know the child’s medical history, vaccine contraindications, allergies, and past vaccine reactions.

Keep in mind that these bills apply to all children, with no age limit. Theoretically, bureaucrats would have the green light to start administering STD vaccines in kindergarten.

Another Assembly bill, A778, makes HPV vaccines mandatory for all New York children beginning in the sixth grade. Keep in mind that HPV is only a risk if the child is sexually active. Fortunately, there is no “same as” bill in the Senate, so this legislation is less of an immediate threat.

Contact your state senators and assembly members today, and let them know you oppose these draconian, authoritarian bills.

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