Why Don’t Dead Politicians Lie Down

With the Obama presidency imploding before our eyes a lot of Republicans have started salivating.  Among them are some of the losers that made Obama’s victory and our death march to socialism inevitable.  I’m thinking of Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in particular.   Rudy, John your ideas are bankrupt. You are killing the GOP.   Lie down and let the Ron Paul Republicans rebuild the party into what it should be – the party of free markets, small government, sound money and non-interventionist foreign policy.  Then principled libertarians and conservatives will join you instead of splitting the vote.   Neo-con wars and smaller increases in spending and taxes is not victory.  Peace and slashing spending and taxes is victory.

The Republicans aren’ t the only ones sporting zombies these days. Eliot Spitzer is also rising from the grave.   Here  is a great post from Roger Stone.   Stone writes:

Prior to the Huffington Post jumping on board, Spitzer’s rehabilitation was largely a product of the Washington Post Corporation: Newsweek, the Washington Post and Slate on-line, all safe places where interviewers can be counted on not to ask Client #9 the tough questions about his illegal activities while he was the highest law enforcement official in the land.

But it gets better.  Listen to this great analysis of how the reckless actions of a power-hungry politician brought misery to exactly the people he was supposed to serve.

The idea of former New York Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer criticizing the AIG bailout is ridiculous; Spitzer is responsible for the economic condition of the company for which they needed a bailout. In fact, Spitzer’s crackdown on Wall Street caused the firms to increase leverage because he took away the ability for them to make money in research and underwriting, and they looked for other ways to make money; like securitizing subprime mortgages.

In fact, if Spitzer hadn’t removed Maurice “Hank” Greenberg from AIG, the company would never have crashed. Greenberg was a much more conservative investor, and had tighter risk management rules that were suspended by the company only after Spitzer drove Greenberg out over charges that proved bogus in the courts.

The billion dollar investment in credit default swaps which were not hedged brought the company and the economy down. This insurance was written only after Greenberg was forced out and never would have been written under Greenberg’s risk management rules. Thus, Eliot Spitzer is partially responsible for the current economic crisis, not some Boy Scout crying an early warning. 

There’s more so you should read the whole thing here at the StoneZone.

So Eliot, John, Rudy  do your parties and the whole world a favor and admit that you are politically dead and just lie down.

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