Assembly ambushes gun owners with early vote on 4 bills

In my latest dispatch for the Examiner, I write about today’s passage of four new anti-gun bills in the state Assembly:

The New York State Assembly passed at least 4 bills today that would further restrict gun rights in the state, according to the Assembly’s website. Additional anti-gun bills are like to be passed before the Assembly adjourns this week. Although the passage of the bills was hardly a surprise – the Assembly perennially votes for a slew of anti-gun legislation each year, only to see it stall in the formerly Republican-controlled Senate – the timing of today’s votes raised eyebrows.

Unlike in past years, when the Assembly would pass lots of new gun-control measures only to see them die in the Senate, these bills have a very good chance of becoming law now that the Democrats control both houses in Albany.

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1 thought on “Assembly ambushes gun owners with early vote on 4 bills”

  1. It looks like the Second Amendment has received a stay of execution thanks to the “leadership change” in the Senate. Unfortunately, the 2 senators who defected from the Democratic Party (DP for short) are cosponsors of the Senate version of the microstamping bill, so the stay may only last until January.

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