Let’s Confiscate Congress’s Pay

I just got today’s Monday email from Libertarian HQ.  Seems Alan Grayson, Congressman from Florida

went so far as to go on national television and claim the Constitution gives the President’s administration the right to forcibly confiscate money from people the administration feels didn’t “earn” it!

I have an even better idea.  How about if the people have the right to confiscate the paychecks of people WE feel didn’t earn it – like Congress.  According to PollingReport.com  a website that gathers results from many different pollsters Congress hasn’t been doing it’s job to their employer’s satisfaction since – well – NEVER! – OK at least since 2005 the earliest data presented.   In fact during that time period Congress only made it as high as 40% a small handful of times.   It’s true Congress’s approval is up from teens and 20’s of the Bush administration.  I wonder if that’s because the honeymoon isn’t quite over yet or because the regular working stiffs  just like feeling they are sticking it to those greedy Wall Street types. 


Yes Congressman Grayson,  pandering to the lowest instincts of the downtrodden will get you a little lift in the polls.   You have to do SOMETHING to deflect the blame.  You don’t want the people to realize that CONGRESS (along with the Federal Reserve and the Bush Administration) is responsible for  destroying the economy.

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