We Could Do a Lot Worse Than Gillibrand

And we almost did. We were thisclose to getting stuck with the rich airhead Caroline Kennedy. Or the other birthright politician, Andrew Cuomo, could have gotten the nod. Or Maloney or Nadler could have been elevated to the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.”

None of the talking heads, with their NYC myopia, ever seriously considered the possibility of an upstater. But now we have a junior senator from rural Columbia County. Who knew actual people lived so far north?

I’m not ready to call Kirsten Gillibrand a libertarian, or even libertarian-leaning, but my first impressions are — as one friend wrote on facebook this morning — she might not completely suck. She has an A rating from the NRA, she voted agains the bailouts twice, the Empire State Pride Agenda says she’s for same-sex marriage, she voted for withdrawing the troops from Iraq, and she’s pro-choice. Plus she’s probably the most attractive senator we’ve ever had.

I’m sure she’ll do something to disappointment me down the line, probably sooner rather than later. But for now, I’ll be nice and wish Kirsten Gillibrand good luck in her new job.

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