Don’t Waste Your Vote

 Chances are if you are reading this your state is pretty much decided.  Yahoo lists only 4 battleground states with a total of 24 electoral votes.  After a long swing toward the Republicans, the pendulum has started swinging back towards the Democrats and it now appears it will get burried on the left in this one.  The Democrats’socilaism failed so badly in the 60’s and 70’s the voter’s punished them with a sustained shift to the right.  Now the Republican’s have outdone themselves with complete and abject failure and the voters appear to be ready to try the Democrat form of failure again.  


It’s true each cycle of failure wasn’t the work of one party alone.  The Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt and incompetent.  They both promote only war and mercantilism and the economic slavery that brings.


But we can make another choice – a better choice.  Are you willing to live in a world where the game is so rigged that you are forced to choose between fascist failure and socialist failure?  If we truly care about the future of the planet  why not create better range of choices.

A vote for McCain or Obama makes no difference at this point.  For that matter in all the votes you might cast for Congress or Senate, for State Assemblies or for local races, a vote for a Democrat or Republican only rewards and encourages failure and corruption.   In New York the people voted twice for term limits but King Michael snaps his fingers and his jesters in City Council trample the will of the people.   Congress votes for bailouts against the overwhelming sentiment of the voters.  The Supreme Court says no to medical marijuana states and yes to taking little old ladies’ houses for the benefit of mercantilists in city hall and the corporate boardroom.   Legislators don’t even read the bills that create laws they force on us.   


Are you willing to sit there and take it?

 The news on Wednesday morning could be the press will be extolling the Obama mandate.   His lopsided victory will be seen as the people’s instructions for more bailouts, higher taxes, more government intervention in our lives and consequently less freedom to live our lives as we see fit.


Or it could be the surprisingly high vote for third parties that denied Obama a mandate.  Or it could even be that one or two Libertarians or Ron Paul Republicans might even get elected.  It could be the message that the American people have woken up and we aren’t going to be used anymore as beasts of burden to fetch and carry for the ruling mercantilist class.


A vote for McCain or Obama is a vote for continued submission.  Any vote for a Democrat or Republican, with the exception of the Ron Paul Republicans is wasted.


Don’t waste your vote.  VOTE THIRD PARTY.

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