Tonight’s Bailout Facts Town Hall is a “Don’t Miss” Opportunity

 Tonight’s Bailout Facts Town Hall is shaping up to be THE  NYC political event of this cycle. The Town Hall will be at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Second Avenue (near 9th St.) NYC. at 7p.  You can get more details at



Andrew Tulloch , Director of incumbent 14th District Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s campaign has assured me that the Congresswoman will do everything possible to be there herself.  Failing that Mr. Tulloch will fill in for her.  Congresswoman Maloney is a long time champion of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and as recently as July voted to increase their mortgage limits by 50%.  Was that good for struggling families?  Or was it a mistake?  Why not come tonight and ask her?



2005 Mayoral candidate Dr. Anthony Gronowicz   will represent the Greens.  Dr. Gronowicz is a Professor at CUNY and authored, among other things, Race and Class Politics in New York City.  If you think maybe the bailout has something to do with class politics Dr. Gronowicz might be able to shed some light on that.



 Republican Congressional Candidate from the 14th District Robert Heim (  is a former prosecutor for the Securities and Exchange Commission.   Seems like he should know something about this.



And of course, in our corner we have two hard core champions of freedom.   Bill Buran ( will represent the NYC Campaign for Liberty which is the Ron Paul campaign Next Gen. Bill is also a candidate for NYS Assembly (72nd  R,C and I).   Last, but far from least, we have Libertarian Congressional Candidate Isaiah Matos ( .  Of course these guys, and their “Austrian School” ( predecessors, have been predicting this crisis and explaining exactly what was going to happen.  Could it be they have a solution?



Where else can you hear such a diverse and authoritative range of opinions on the single most pressing issue of our time?  Certainly not on the McBama show.  Where else can you question the representatives of the status quo AND the potential solutions from two wildly different sides of the political spectrum?  We are going to break some new ground tonight .



Let me put it this way.  If you DON’T show up tonight – good luck with that 401k

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