Buran Warns New York Will Suffer Same Fate as Wall Street

(Press release from Bill Buran for NY Assembly in 72AD) New York, NY: Bill Buran congratulated his Republican friends in the Congress for holding the line and voting NO thus stopping the $700 billion bailout bill.

“This bailout is the biggest robbery since FDR took the peoples gold in the last Great Depression,” proclaims Buran. Governor Paterson announced yesterday in the NY Post that New York can expect a $7 billion budget deficit only to grow larger each year. This is on top of the nearly $70 billion state debt and billions more in unfunded liabilities. The only solutions Albany is considering is either to raise taxes or borrow more.

“Either option will enure those left working will work harder, longer for less. This is not only unfair, but immoral. We will see the elimination of the poor and middle class,” warns Buran.

“Assemblyman Espaillat, Silver and the Democratic controlled Assembly do not understand the fundamentals of this economic crisis, and why so? These career politicians in Albany are the individuals that caused it. Why should be expect anything else?”

“Espaillat lacks the leadership, courage and will to offer real change and new course of action. What we need is better government, not more of the same,” urges Buran.

“This is not the time to consider cosmetic solutions, loyalty to special interests, adherence to out dated unions and policies decades old. We need better jobs, better education and better government.”

Bill Buran for NY Assembly will bring freedom, prosperity and choice to Albany.

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