As if freedom doesn’t have enough enemies….

I don’t know quite what’s going on between the Paul camp and the Barr campaign today.
I agree with many comments I have read that the ‘offer’ to run as VP was ice in winter as it was or should have been known not to be acceptable when made.
On the other hand, it seems like the Paul press conference accomplished nothing (here’s news: Dr. Paul doesn’t like McBama) and Barr’s avoidance thereof, while not handled well, has been overblown.
Bob Barr and Ron Paul are two of the heros for liberty, willing to buck the statist system and stand up for their values. Unlike others, they both talk about and actually work to help bring about freedom.
It’s wrong to pit either against the other or the supporters of either against each other. We need more men like each of them.

3 thoughts on “As if freedom doesn’t have enough enemies….”

  1. Come on, Mark.

    Paul’s press conference accomplished nothing? It’s been not even 12 hours, I don’t think you can really judge. He did something the 3rd parties should have done long ago. They made a list of 4 major planks they agree on and hopefully will continue to raise the issues together and challenge the major parties as a single unit instead of the current “Sure we Libertarians agree with the Greens on the drug war” and it ends there. The conference also got a lot of press. Sure, they all knew he didn’t like McBama but they still were asking him to support McCain. He’s now had a press conference in which he’s said no way and in fact McCain and Obama are the same, as are the parties. Pissing off McCain was worth it in and of itself.

    Barr was supposed to be there regardless of what some are saying. His website last week clearly said Sept 10th, “Joint Press Conference at the National Press Club at 10:30am.” At some point it was changed to 12PM. All evidence which has come out has been negative regarding the blow off.

    According to what I’ve read the LNC was unaware of the VP switch and aren’t terribly happy. The letter to Paul was obviously meant to be a press release… which it was around 3PM. The subject was “Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement”… after criticizing Paul for trying to do the same. From the same Shane Cory who was responsible for the smear of Ruwart. Barr also seemed to speak of the other 3rd party candidates as if he was above them.

    Barr is hardly a hero of liberty. He is a best a late bloomer with a big statist past who’s not very tactful and at worst a Republican plant to remove the competition. Either way he’s hardly on the level of Paul. If anyone is to blame for this episode being blown up it’s Barr and Verney, not the Paul or Barr supporters. As Barr likes to say about stealing votes from McCain: “if he can’t convince people to vote for him that’s his problem.” Same applies to him. He’s not doing a very good job of convincing individuals to support him.

  2. Paul looked at times frazzled, but overall I think the goal was to encourage people to protest elections by voting for a third party candidate. Paul made it clear he does not support, endorse and indeed actively opposes voting for either of the two mainstream candidates.

    Bob Barr’s behavior is inexplicable unless he is working for the GOP.

    As to what Paul accomplished: He stuck a finger in the eye of the GOP…but how much of an effect is debatable. He certainly generated a bit of press and attention the past five days, but th final product was a let down. Cries of ‘that’s it?!’ certainly would be justified. I thought the written speech provided by his CFL was more stirring than what CNN broadcast… so either he did not read the speech or CNN cut in afterwards.

  3. Thanks Antonio and Ernie for your comments. I have rethought my initial analysis and agree that the Paul press conference was productive, although hardly as much as would have been the case if RP had actually endorsed someone, simply because it got MSM coverage.

    The Barr people, most likely Verney, made a mistake. And the damage control has been a diaster.

    I wish they had just said “Oops, we should have gone, Ron Paul is a great hero of liberty, mea culpa, blah, blah, blah”. Infighting between two important camps in the libertarian movement always is counter-productive and snubbing RP supporters is unwise.

    We often reach out to others, even commies like Nader, and seek common ground. We want more third parties, more choice, more alternatives to Demopublicans, not less.

    That said, it would be helpful if we could move on….

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