Will McCain Have to Take Some Of His Own Medicine in Texas?

Even as McCain pledges to end rancor in America’s poltical scene his operatives in the Pennsylvania Republican Party are in court trying to deny democracy to 50,000 Pennsylvania voters who signed petitions to have a choice to  vote for a Libertarian this November.  McCain is well know for hipocracy but the situation in Texas may force him to take some of his own medicine.

According to this post from the Barr campaign neither McCain nor Obama filed ballot access paperwork by the Aug 26th deadline.   Will the McCain campaign complain that the Texas law should be ignored even as they  sue the to remove Barr from the PA ballot even though they admit the petition filings were legal?

What do you expect from a candidate so concerned about healing our wounds and promoting fairness in politics?  Sure John – we trust you.



4 thoughts on “Will McCain Have to Take Some Of His Own Medicine in Texas?”

  1. Isn’t this the same person who called protesters speaking during his speech last night “ground static?” I think the rationale behind the legal action on the Libertarian side is not to promote fairness, but to get attention. Can you imagine the media firestorm if McCain and Obama were not on the ballot in Texas, effectively costing McCain any chance he has at winning the election? Bill O’Reilly’s head wold explode! The point is, the Barr campaign would get some much needed publicity.

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