Young Republicans: Go War!


The next time someone asks me why I’m involved the Libertarian Party instead of the GOP, “which is really kind of sort of libertarianish, especially in New York,” I can point to the jaw-dropping insanity in the latest Hitler Youth Young Republican Club newsletter.

A big Stop War on Iran demonstration is scheduled for this Saturday at the armed forces recruiting station in Times Square. Who could argue with stopping an impending war with Iran? Nobody in their right mind would want the U.S. involved in yet another costly, bloody war, right? Well, the Young Republicans would…

The insurgent theme for this event is “Stop War On Iran” with red octagonal shaped images on their signs.  If you have the time to make up signs we suggest a “GO Victory” or “GO Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force” theme.  Use the color green as much as possible.  Use your creativity to come up with other patriotic statements on road sign themes.  Possibilities include Stop Treason, Stop Domestic Insurgency, Yield to Victory, etc… 

Ooh, I got one! How about Honk If You Like Bloodshed. Or maybe Caution: Retarded Young Republicans at Play.

The Young Republicans are also planning to “arrive before the moonbats at 11am to secure the area.” Awww, how cute! It’s like they think they’re little soldiers too. But somehow I won’t be surprised when none of these warmongers actually step inside the recruiting station they’re “protecting” and sign up to fight a real shooting war.

And they call the anti-war protesters “moonbats”.

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