Cop Gone Wild

Check out the body slam one of New York’s Finest administered to an unsuspecting Critical Mass bicyclist last Friday:

I suppose it’s possible that the bicyclist did something to warrant the shoulder check just before coming into camera view. But it doesn’t look good for the cop, who has been placed on “modified assignment pending further investigation of the incident.”

UPDATE: In court papers the cop, Officer Patrick Pogan, claimed the rider, Christopher Long, deliberately drove his bike into him. Long was arrested and charged with assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Glad we cleared that up.

4 thoughts on “Cop Gone Wild”

  1. That cop should be in jail. It’s an obviously violent assault on a peaceful person by someone the government has put in power over us. It’s intolerable. I hope his children see that video.

  2. We need to remember that this incident came to light only because someone was in the right place at the right time (which to Christopher Long, the body checkee, was no doubt the wrong place at the wrong time) to video it. This begs the question: How many other riders did intrepid “Law Officers” of the NYPD body checked that day that went unrecorded?

    Also, would Mr. Long be able to not only press criminal charges against Officer Pogan, but sue him in civil court for damages? I wouldn’t bet on it since the PBA and the NYPD will probably shield Officer Pogan with “sovereign immunity.” After all, they have to protect their own from us, mere citizens, don’t they?

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