Libertarian Powers vs. Republican Powers

Francis H. Powers is the GOP’s endorsed candidate for disgraced Republican Vito Fossella’s soon-to-be-open seat in the 13th Congressional District. Powers may get some unexpected and uncomfortable competition from his son, prospective Libertarian candidate Francis M. Powers, says the Staten Island Advance:

When asked about the head scratching that might cause voters, Powers said, “If people can’t tell the difference between the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, maybe they shouldn’t be voting.”

Ron Moore, chairman of the Manhattan Libertarian Party, told the Advance that Powers has “an extremely good” chance of securing the party endorsement for the race.

Just to add to the intrigue, Fran is being challenged for the Libertarian nomination by another Staten Islander, Susan Overeem, whom I just had the pleasure of meeting at Wednesday evening’s debate at Lolita Bar. More on that debate in my next post.

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