Bob Barr in New York City Wednesday

As most of our readers know by now, Bob Barr won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination at its national convention in Denver last Sunday. I was in Denver for all the action and excitement, and to say the nomination was contentious is like saying the Hatfields and the McCoys didn’t always get along. Be that as it may, Bob Barr is our presidential candidate, and I intend to give him my support. Whatever flaws Barr may have–his campaign is an ongoing repudiation of much of his congressional record–pale in comparison to the Elmer Gantry-like phoniness of Barack Obama or the sheer blood-thirsty insanity of John McCain. Anyone who is sincere about reducing government and advancing freedom should join me in supporting Bob Barr.

With that in mind, there are two events this Wednesday for those who want to jump on the Barr bandwagon, or even for those who are still making up their minds.

First, Bob Barr will be taping a guest segment on The Colbert Report at 7 pm at 513 West 54th Street. Ticket request form here. You can sign up for stand-by tickets in front of the studio at 4 pm.

Second, the lovely and talented Dr. Avery Knapp, Jr. will be debating for the affirmative on the question “Should Conservatives and Libertarians Vote for Bob Barr Over John McCain” at 8 pm at the Lolita Bar, 266 Broome Street at Allen. Rumor is there may be a surprise guest in attendance. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bob Barr in New York City Wednesday”

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  2. charles – yes Barf worked for the CIA for nearly 10 years. He voted FOR the patriot act and FOR illegal wars of conquest. He was also a drug warrior/prosecutor where he put countless people in jail for victim-less crimes.

    Go Barf!

  3. Good thing Barr worked for the CIA. That helps to pad his resume, and will bring him a great deal of respect, especially amongse those who are uneasy with Libertarians cause they view them to be Anti-National Security.

    I just wish we had more Libertarians who were connected with the CIA, and other National Security apparatus, and most especially the Military.

  4. I wouldn’t be so quick to say Barr *was* a drug warrior. As recently as June, 2007 he advocated more military intervention and “foreign aid” to Columbia to fight cocaine trafficking. Although he has since removed the article “No Way to Treat a Friend” from his website, you can still find copies of it in several places:

    In the event the LP wins the State of New York, I intend to cast my electoral votes for George Phillies and Christine Smith, but I haven’t decided in which order.

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