Bob Barr creates exploratory committee…

According to bloggage at the New York Times (confirmed by other sources), Bob Barr announced today that he’s (drum roll, please) … forming an exploratory committee.

Barr’s newly launched web site also bears the “exploratory committee” label.

Don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never heard of a prospective presidential candidate forming an “exploratory committee” weeks after his party’s only primaries, less than two months before his party’s presidential nominating convention, and only seven months before the general election.

Then again, I’ve never heard of a two-term former US Senator and Democratic presidential candidate jumping the partisan fence one day and declaring for his new party’s presidential nomination the next day, either.

It’s turning into a very strange election year indeed.

There you go Jim. The LP race just gets more interesting all the time. So when is Ventura jumping in?

3 thoughts on “Bob Barr creates exploratory committee”

  1. As I wrote last night in the Third Party Watch comments, I’m disappointed in Barr’s “issues” so far, especially his call for a national sales tax (a.k.a., the Fair Tax). He’ll have a honeymoon period for a few days or weeks, but if he doesn’t do more to win over the Libetarian base, I’m not sure he can get the nomination. I want to support Barr, because it would be a good opportunity to carry on the Ron Paul rEVOLution, but if the convention were held today, I’d probably have to vote for Ruwart or Kubby.

  2. It’d be nice if we had some more to go one… see if he’s kissing up to Huckabee’s people or wants it as a stop gap or really thinks a national sales tax is the way to go.

    Hopefully the site grows quickly… at the moment it doesn’t look like he’s taking it all that seriously.

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