Bob Barr rEVOLution!

Back when Bob Barr was still dismissing the notion (must have been weeks ago), I made the case for Barr to run as the Libertarian candidate for President. Now it looks like Bob is warming to the idea.

Come on, Bob, do it!

Yes, I know he isn’t a perfect libertarian — but honestly, neither is Ron Paul. Both are just a gazillion-percent better than any other credible candidate.

To reiterate, Bob Barr is:

  • strongly pro-RKBA
  • strongly pro-civil liberties
  • strongly pro-privacy
  • strongly anti-Patriot Act (admitting he made a terribleĀ mistake in voting for it)
  • anti-Iraq War (another mistaken vote while he was in office)
  • anti-drug war

I’m not ready to give him a “strongly” on the last one, because he was one of the worst drug warriors ever while he was in Congress, and he has a lot to atone for on that front. But he was a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project last year, and he has appeared with Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance to speak out against the drug war in recent years, so he is working on it.

Just seeing him on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton — whose husband’s impeachment he led — would be reason enough to have him in the race.

Sign the Draft Bob Barr for President (or Presdient — yes, I know I made a typo in the petition title, but I can’t change it) petition here.

Hat tip: Hit & Run

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