New York Politics Bizarro World

What’s going on here? Is there a full moon? Two of my most favorite New York politicians to despise actually came out with positions that I agree with!

First Congressman Anythony Weiner said the FBI and Congress should give it a rest already on whether Roger Clemens lied about HGH use.

“I do believe that public embarrassment is a sanction. The real consequences are a loss of revenue from endorsements and a loss of respect in the eyes of the fans. It may be that Roger Clemens’ entry into the Hall of Fame is in question. It may be that future employers won’t have an interest in his services.”

As Weiner views the role of the federal government, that should be enough.

That should be enough? Limit the federal government’s role?! Okay, buddy, what have you done with the real Anthony Weiner.

Second, the loathsome Dr. Thomas Frieden, NYC Health Commissioner — the instigator of the smoking ban and the trans-fat ban — actually came out with a pro-freedom proposal. He wants to change state law to allow pharmacists to give flu shots, just like they already can in 47 other states. Currently only doctors and nurses are permitted to give flu vaccines. According to Frieden, expanding access to the vaccine would save lives. Imagine that — greater freedom benefiting mankind.

I’m going back to bed before I read that Charles Barron thinks maybe some white folks aren’t so bad after all.

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