How to Make Campuses Really Safe

With the string of recent shootings on college campuses, it’s not surprising that some of our best and brightest have figured out it sucks to defenseless.  There’s a grassroots effort underway across the country to allow college students to carry concealed weapons on campus. That effort has spread upstate to Cornell University.

Jacob Rieper at the NYSPRA blog points out that the “gun control” crowd is obviously putting students at greater risk, not less:

The proponents of “gun-free zones” aren’t just doing nothing, they are creating target rich environments full of helpless victims. Notice how many of these mass shootings take place at gun shows, gun clubs, Camp Perry, etc.

Indeed. If those big bad gun shows are the problem, you’d think that someone would have gone on a shooting spree at one by now. For some strange reason, the killers always choose a setting where no one can shoot back.

It would be great to see some students at my alma mater NYU or other local universities take up the cause. Of course, there’s no chance of any of them getting a concealed carry permit from the NYPD, unless they’re celebrities, so I suppose it’s moot. Mayor Bloomberg would much rather see a classroom full of dead bodies than a student with a gun in her bag. The dead bodies make for better photo ops.

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  1. “For some strange reason, the killers always choose a setting where no one can shoot back.”

    You hit the nail on the head with this one. EXACTLY. I tried to explain this to my Argumentative Writing professor today and she just didn’t get it.

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