Foiled Again by the Board of Elections

Last August I submitted a Change of Enrollment form to the Board of Elections, indicating that I was switching my enrollment to <shudder> Republican just so I could vote for Ron Paul in today’s primary. I had been enrolled as “Other,” which was the closest the NYC BOE was capable of coming to complying with the court order to record Libertarian enrollments.

Anyway, I submitted the change way ahead of the October deadline, and you’d think they could handle something simple like enrolling me in one of the two major parties. But nooooo, I show up at my polling place today — the same polling place that I’ve used for the last three years — and my name wasn’t in the voter book, which means the stupid BOE bureaucrats didn’t yet have my change of enrollment listed. So I had to fill out an “Affidavit Ballot,” which will no doubt be duly counted shortly after the next ice age.

But I can’t really be too angry with the Board of Elections. To paraphrase Otter from Animal House,  I fucked up — I trusted them.

UPDATE: My wife changed her enrollment from Democrat to Republican in September — still way ahead of the October deadline — but they still had her listed as a Democrat this morning. So she had to use an Affidavit Ballot too. Grrrr!

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  1. In NJ we have semi-open primaries allowing us to be undeclared and pick which primary we want to vote in. I had changed to Republican anyway just to be sure. Even though I got a reply back from the county saying I was registered Republican the booklet had me as undeclared.

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