What Do the MTA and Al Qaeda Have in Common?

Both destroyed hundreds of downtown businesses for no good reason. Now that the MTA has abandoned its gazillion dollar transit hub boondoggle, some of the business owners who saw their livelihoods needlessly ruined for the sake of some bureaucrat’s petty scheme are rightfully pissed:

Mirza Mamur closed his art gallery, endured 10 months of unemployment, took out loans to make ends meet and then struggled to re-establish his business at a new location.

He was one of more than 140 business owners displaced by plans for the Fulton Street transit hub in lower Manhattan. Now, after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it was again scaling back the project – and scrapping its centerpiece, a 110-foot-tall, steel-and-glass-domed entranceway – Mamur is asking if he was needlessly pushed out.

No need to ask, Mirza. You were.

1 thought on “What Do the MTA and Al Qaeda Have in Common?”

  1. My closest subway entrances were at Fulton and Williams all the time I lived at the Fish Market . This was the last and greatest boondoggle during my tenure in NYC . I got to their meetings when they first unveiled their destructive plans . I guess they went ahead and tore down that perfectly fine old highrise along Broadway . Vandals . I thought their plans for grand greenhouse seemed to borrow noticibly from my proposal for the WTC hole .

    I commented to them what stupid disfunctional ego candy their notion of a centralized entrance at Fulton and Broadway was . People go into their closest subway entrance . They don’t give a damn what’s 2 blocks away . All that matters is what’s below ground , and for the money they were talking , they could have put in moving “sidewalks” down there .

    One day I got a totally unexpected FedEx delivery . Not an envelop , but a big box . It turned out to be some massive ( half a foot or more ) study for the project . Why they sent it , I have no idea – but it must have cost them $100 between printing and FedExing the tome . Just one of those things I left sitting on Peck Slip when I moved .

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