All the Choices That Are Fit to Print?

So let me get this straight…. Ron Paul handily beats Giuliani and Thompson in Tuesday’s primary in Michigan. Before that, he beat Thomspon in New Hampshire, and before that he beat Giuliani in Iowa. He raised more money than any other Republican in the fourth quarter. And the New York Times decides they should exclude Ron Paul from their completely unbiased Election Guide but leave in Giuliani and Thompson. O-kayyyy.

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4 thoughts on “All the Choices That Are Fit to Print?”

  1. The Times isn’t the only one excluding Ron Paul. Fox does as well. Dennis Kucinich is also excluded. So much for giving the voters an informed choice.

  2. We no longer have news reporting, it is now entertainment propaganda.
    Ron Paul doesn’t provide these old media sources with lies or half truths like the other candidates do. The media really doesn’t want the people to know the real truth about the issues America faces. Ron Paul is the only one who has solutions, and he will make the necessary changes for our country. The media is only interested in smearing the candidates that actually make sense like Ron Paul. The media keeps the war mongering, big government spenders like McCain, Giuliania, and Huckabee in the news.

  3. Most disturbing is the overwhelmingly blatant non-coverage (sheer and obvious avoidance) of Ron Paul and his campaign in the MSM.

    Although from a libertarian perspective, neat, the MSM have the right to include or omit anyone they want.
    But in this non-libertarian land we live in, there are laws against supporting a particular candidate; conversely there should laws against intentionally omitting one.

    I didn’t believe it to be a real effort by MSM to do this, rather an abberation or statistical anomaly or other plausible reason.
    But when I start seeing newsmedia reporting on the 1st, 3rd and 4th place winners of NV (RP was the second), the NYTimes listing every GOP candidate except Paul (even when Paul is exceeding some of them), FauxNews omitting him from their forum, well the list goes on.
    I am beginning to become a conspiracist on this, although I am still looking for a more plausible explanation, like an independent agenda that just coincides the same way for these media outlets.
    Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . .

  4. Just clicked on the Times link you provided Jim – and RP is now there, but no Giuliani! Go figure. Maybe the Times actually listened to the outcry.

    But agree in general that MSM is afraid of Paul and his likes and will always brand them as oddballs. But the general public is getting fed up – witness RP’s results in Nevada as a good sign.

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