Libertarian National Committee Resolution Urges Ron Paul to Seek LP Nomination

It’s no secret that many – probably most – Libertarians support Ron Paul’s Republican candidacy even though there is a large crop of candidates who plan to seek the LP Presidential nomination.  At least one prominent Libertarian candidate has said he will support Ron Paul even while he continues his own run.

Now it’s offical. The Libertarian National Committee yesterday resolved to congratulate Ron Paul for ” his success in spreading a message of peace, prosperity and freedom” and urged him to seek the LP nomination if he is not nominated by the Republicans.

Read the resolution here

1 thought on “Libertarian National Committee Resolution Urges Ron Paul to Seek LP Nomination”

  1. Since Dr. Paul has declined to actively seek the Libertarinan nomination, and since Paul has pledged to remain in the race until he loses support, the LNC should clear the way for Libertarinan delegates to nominate him, if such a path is not already open. If he is on the ticket, he will get the Libertarian vote regardless of his intentions. A Paul ticket would give a boost to the Libertarian Party.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano should also be on the ballot, since he would be a popular choice for VP.

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