Sean Taylor’s Blood on Chuck Schumer’s Hands

While Florida police investigate the killing of NFL star Sean Taylor, somebody might want to ask how his murder could  have been prevented. New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce, a former teammate of Taylor’s, is on the right track. Pierce is pissed that high-profile targets like Taylor are rendered defenseless by the state.

“Somebody like Sean, he can’t defend himself,” Pierce said. “He has to keep a machete in his house. That’s ridiculous. Celebrities and athletes get put in such a fishbowl and when they need to protect themselves, they can’t. You are vulnerable. When an athlete gets caught with a gun on a routine stop it’s, ‘He has a gun, why?’

“Maybe he’s driving a $100,000 car and has $100,000 in jewelry and a lot of cash. Everybody knows who he is. Athletes don’t rob anybody. Athletes are not on a killing spree.

“They got all the money in the world and, yeah, that’s what everybody wants.”

So why was Taylor denied his right to self-defense? After all, Florida is a “shall issue” state, meaning that qualified citizens are automatically granted “permission” to exercise their Second Amendment right. My guess is he was disqualified over his conviction for opening a can of whup-ass on the thugs who tried to steal his SUV awhile back. Like Pierce said, Taylor had what everybody wanted. And now he’s dead, because Schumer and his ilk will not allow people like Sean Taylor to defend themselves or the fruits of their labor.

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