1 thought on “Now Where Have I Heard That Idea Before?”

  1. Quote Sliwa (from the link provided): “This [Public Advocate] is a useless position, and we are just wasting taxpayer money.”

    I’m reminded of what Mayor Bloomberg once said a few years ago about the Offices of Borough Presidents as being “largely ceremonial” and “unneeded.” I cannot agree with him more. Yet, each Borough still has its own Borough President who, in turn, still has his multi-million dollar budget to pay for his staff and entourage, and all the perks that come with the Office. And. of course, this budget is “funded” by the taxpayers.

    Maybe after Sliwa wins as Public Advocate, and, true to his word, abolishes the position, he will run for Borough President of, say, Manhattan, on a platform also of abolishing that position. I wish him luck.

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