Grand Central Freedom

It’s been All Ron Paul Weekend in the Big Apple. Last night there was the VIP $1000/ticket private fundraiser with Dr. Paul, followed by a rockin’ party and fundraiser at Ron Paul NYC headquarters on West 29th Street. My wife and I attended the latter event, and it was a blast! It was just an incredible experience to be surrounded by hundreds of energized, enthusiastic freedom fighters. The Man himself arrived at the party around 10 pm and gave a rousing stump speech.

Then this morning there was a huge rally for Ron Paul on 42nd Street across from the Grand Hyatt. The entire block was lined with chanting, cheering Paul supporters of all ages. (That’s me with two of my kids in the photo above.) That was followed by a fundraiser luncheon at the hotel that I was too slow to buy tickets for before it sold out! Who ever heard of a freedom event in NYC being oversold?! What an amazing time to be a libertarian activist.

The Ron Paul Weekend will cap off with a planning and cleanup party at headquarters on Sunday. And who says there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch? There will be free lunch! (Okay, lunch will be in exchange for your help with cleanup.)

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