Proposed New Democratic Strategy: Vote for Ron Paul

Sometimes I amaze myself.  I never really thought of myself as much of a political strategist – duh! I’m a Libertarian after all.  But today – things are different. First, I re-registered as a (gritting of teeth) Republican so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primary.   Years ago I used to be a Republican – something for which I will surely go to hell – and I swore I would never do it again.  But I didn’t expect Ron Paul either – so things are different.  In case you are wondering I will change back to Libertarian instantly after I have voted for Ron Paul in the primary. BTW – In violation of the law – the BOE requires you to write it in on the “Other” line in order to register Libertarian.

So today we were out in Union Square registering people to vote in the primary and the Impeach Bush crowd (a fun group who do important work) from the Village Independant Democrats set up next to us. That’s when it hit me.

Democrats should re-register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary in order to hand Rudy Giuliani a crushing defeat in his own back yard. And of course it will be that much more fun if Ron Paul is the guy that beats him because as we know, Rudy isn’t a fan of Dr. Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy.

Think about it.

Rudy has already ready informed us he is the only Republican that can beat New York’s most hawkish Senator. Certainly not Ron Paul, a peace candidate who wants to abolish the IRS. I mean, the American people really LIKE war and taxes right? Ok then – so if Rudy isn’t the Republican nominee then Hillary will surely coast to victory next November. It’s not like Hillary will need the votes to win the New York primary.

As you might expect I am no fan of our junior Senator. But if you happen to be a pro-war, socialist you have to admit my logic is impeccable.

Rudy can’t get nominated without New York. He has assured us no other Republican can beat Hillary and America’s mayor wouldn’t lie to us, right?

So that settles it then. Democrats need to run out and change to Republican by October 12th. Then of course you have to remember to vote for Ron Paul in the primary – just to – as Miracle Max (almost) said – give Rudy a nice paper cut and rub lemon juice in it.

Have fun stormin’ the castle…..

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