Boo-Hoo in Blue

I love this site Cops Writing Cops. As we’ve documented before, cops don’t even try to hide the fact that they consider themselves above the law. Those renegades who actually think the law should apply to everyone get nominated by their “brothers” for the Dick of the Month Award. Naturally, many of New York’s Whiniest share their sob stories at CWC:

I am an active police officer in the NYPD and was driving down to Florida on March 4th 2007 which was the first time I have driven to Florida, not realizing in time the sign changed 65 to 45 i was slowing down and was nailed doing 61 in a 45 by Officer Brown 2416 (the summons copy is light) of LAWTEY PD Bradford County FL. I had to pay $185 which I didn’t have on this avoidable summons. This officer could have cared less that he was writing another active police officer, I go out of my way to take care of other cops no matter where you may be visiting from.

Gee, he thinks a speedtrap is unfair — but only when it catches a fellow officer.

Here’s another gem:

While employed with the NYPD I was traveling on I-10 in the Florida panhandle in May of 2003 and I was accompanied by my wife and at the time 2 year old son. There was no traffic and it was a bright sunny day. I was pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol Officer named Trooper Love. I’ll never forget that name because of the love he showed me. when he got to my car I identified myself as a New York City Police officer… As we walked back I asked him if he collected patches because I had a NYPD patch from the detail that I worked for. He said that he doesn’t need that he just needs my driver’s license. I obliged and he began to write the summons in front of me. At this point I asked him if perhaps he could lessen the speed, to which he replied “Can’t do that. Judge round these parts frowns upon that.” … Trooper Love definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame for Dick Cops!!

In other words, Dick Cop = Cop Who Actually Has Some Integrity.

Hat tip: Hit & Run

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