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Sorry this blog has been so quiet lately. My employer had the audacity to block access to this site, and I always did most of my posting during the day. The nerve of some people, expecting me to focus on my work when I’m at work!

Anyway, tonight I’m going to catch up on some things I’ve been meaning to post for awhile. While I’ve been slacking with this blog, I’m pleased that the Manhattan Libertarian Party has some new blood to pick up the slack. In fact, several of the new kids showed up for our last street fair booth of the summer, and some of them posted their thoughts on their own blogs.

For “Laur-XYZ,” the Operation Politically Homeless Booth was a rewarding experience:

antonio and i spent sunday volunteering at the lexington ave street fair in the city with the manhattan libertarian party giving people the worlds smallest political quiz and handing out ron paul literature. it felt really great to be a part of something. ive spent too many weekends on the couch the last couple years. pre-new years resolution: im going to start getting more involved with the outside world.

On the other hand, her friend Antonio (a.k.a. “Blog of Bile”) thought the experience was “a good amount of fun” but “not well organized”. That’s us in a nutshell.

2 thoughts on “New Kids on the Block”

  1. Hey Jim – Ron Paul’s running as a Republican . . . While I’m sure the LP would bend over backwards to have him as the nominee, goldbug or not, it’s not the same. We don’t have access on our pickup trucks up here in Appalachia, we just manage things remotely . . .

  2. New kids on the block and slothful old-timers are all welcome to help spread the message of freedom. We truly appreciate all of the people who helped out with the OPH booths at the street fairs this summer. While David did an exemplary job of shouldering the burden by organizing and working all four OPH booths and many regulars pitched in, every one of the street fairs also had lots of new faces present too. Thanks especially to Bonnie who drove down from Vermont, Allison, Andrea in clown gear, Antonio, Evan, Beth, Laura and so many others who put time in behind the booth or stopped by.

    By the way, I spoke for 15 minutes to a group of Mormons at the July booth who were fascinated by our pro-religious freedom stance. In August, we were next door to a Obama booth and got at least twice as many people stopping by as they had. Bonnie even tried to get Chuckie Schumer to take the quiz–he said he’s “very libertarian” on some issues! You never know who will pop up.

    Monday night October 8 meeting at Ukrainian East: Business at 6:30, Castle Coalition film on fightng eminent domain at 7:30, drinks and rants at 9:00!

    Also, please join/renew your membership in the Manhattan LP between now and December 31 and you’re good for all of 2008!

    Mark Axinn

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